Welcome to my studio!

The artist’s studio, Nature’s studio–and the studio of the mind.  “My Studio” by Herbert Ogden Waters (1903-1996)—the image you see above—hovers above my desk, a prized possession given to me by the master wood engraver in 1989 when I interviewed him as a “New Hampshire Living Treasure” along with three other masters—Poet Laureate Donald Hall, sculptor Robert Hughes and enamelist Karl Drerup.  As I have interviewed hundreds of artists in my career, the studio has been a consistent icon in my life as a writer and a lifelong student of creativity.

I walk this country lane many times a day, pondering the spaces between–between an inner world and the outdoors, between art and science, between an artist and the medium she carves, forges, or shapes into an object in her hands. I am fascinated by those “borderlands,” those “thin places” of connection between seemingly disparate things—the subject of my column Quincy’s Quill, published each Thursday in The Telegraph, Nashua, New Hampshire.  I am also an apprentice to poetry, studying with award-winning poets Alfred Nicol, www.alfrednicol.com, and Rhina Espaillat.